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    We provide Automation solutions for control systems and information technology
  • is an Industrial Automation company executing projects throughout New Zealand and abroad.

Our Solutions

High Speed Packing Robots

ACSE Limited has been certified as a registered system integrator for OMRON robots...View More

Machine Vision Systems

ACSE Machine Vision Systems analyze images to perform appearance inspections, character inspections, positioning...View More


IoT - Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software improves process capabilities, information ... View More


ACSE Limited provides Automation solutions for control systems and information technology.

ACSE Limited is a Industrial Automation company. We specialize in Factory Automation - Camera Inspection Systems - High Speed Packaging Robots and SCADA Systems. With experience in process control, batching systems, material handling, milk metering systems, dairy process and power management. Our state of the art hardware and software combination packages supplement our projects at market competitive prices. We have successfully completed automation and control projects in New Zealand as well as in Australia and the Middle East.

ACSE Limited provide complete turnkey projects from conception to completion. Automation and Control projects are completed according to project plans. We can tailor a solution to fit most requirements.

ACSE Limited have provided some innovative solutions to many different processing industries around the world. Some of our projects have included Batching plants, Packing lines, Pump control systems, Dairy Process systems, Wood chip plants, Stand-by Generator controls, Crushing plants, Flux Blenders, Food processing plants.

Our Products

RFID Systems
RFID Systems

ACSE mobile RFiD Readers and table top RFiD reader - writers can quickly be integrated into your current business software without significant capital expenditure or time.

Flow Metering System
Flow Metering System

The FMS (Flexible Metering System) is a data acquisition computer, fitted on the side of the truck and is designed to legally measure the amount of product being collected.

Energy Reporting System
Energy Reporting System

Identifies high power usage eras immediately. Auto email report options makes reports available straight into your inbox

Billing Software
Billing Software

Our Billing Software is design to accumulate energy usage in a energy metering network. The software calculate the recorded energy usage into monthly bills.