Food Industry

IFFCO - Dubai
Flour, sugar and minors – Bulk material handling and recipe batching systems

AB Foods - New Zealand
Sugar – Bulk material handling

Kellogg’s - Australia
Bulk bag filler

Sara Lee - Australia
Crumb handling plant

NCI - New Zealand
Cans manufacturers

Chemical Industry

Klen International - Australia
Litharge, soda ash and minors – Bulk material handling and recipe batching system 


MWC - New Zealand
Manage wood chip off-loading system and data handling (SQL)

 ControlTech - New Zealand
Frost protection systems

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Acse Limited has succesfully completed the Electrical and Automation design, install and commissioning of wastewater treatment plants in New Zealand and Austratlia.

Automated Parking Systems

IPS - New Zealand
ACSE has programmed installed and commissioned two robotic car stacker systems in Auckland, New Zealand.
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Data Centers

Datacom - New Zealand
ACSE Limited has design, install and commission an Allan Bradley ControlLogix Enhanced Redundancy Systems.
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Vision Systems

NCI - New Zealand
ACSE Limited has design, install and commission a OMRON Vision System to QC metal can lids on a high speed production line.
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Power Management

Integrate diesel stand-by generators to Intouch SCADA package


Our Products

RFID Systems
RFID Systems

ACSE mobile RFiD Readers and table top RFiD reader - writers can quickly be integrated into your current business software without significant capital expenditure or time.

Flow Metering System
Flow Metering System

The FMS (Flexible Metering System) is a data acquisition computer, fitted on the side of the truck and is designed to legally measure the amount of product being collected.

Energy Reporting System
Energy Reporting System

Identifies high power usage eras immediately. Auto email report options makes reports available straight into your inbox

Billing Software
Billing Software

Our Billing Software is design to accumulate energy usage in a energy metering network. The software calculate the recorded energy usage into monthly bills.