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These control relays are a universal system which feature common software and operation - for intelligent solutions in the fields of mechanical engineering and instruments. The easy control relay combines practically all the performance features of a PLC with the well-known simple handling features of the easy relay. Easy800 modules allows you – thanks to the integrated networking of up to 8 devices – to implement applications with more than 300 I/O points.


EASY-SOFT simplifies everything for the user. The graphic editor directly displays the required representation of the circuit diagram. Selection menus and "Drag and Drop" functions simplify connection of the elements. Simply select the contacts and the coils and connect them with a mouse click – and you are ready!

The latest member of the Easy family – EASY Safety – offers an optimum solution for safety-related tasks, utilising at the same time the simplicity and flexibility of the Easy family and the performance of an EASY800. The simplicity of the Easy circuit diagram philosophy has been furthered so that today's users can quickly learn how to operate it.

Compact PLCs are all-in-one devices that, even in their basic version are equipped with a comprehensive set of hardware and software functions and thus suitable for use in many control, regulating and measuring applications. Where the integrated functions do not suffice, the devices can be simply expanded either locally or via network. All the compact PLC are networkable and programmable via integrated fieldbus. The programming software applicable to all is Sucosoft S40, an easy-to-use programming package to IEC 61131-3.

The modular PLCs are characterised by having a wide spectrum of applications with freely scalable structure to suit. The user thus has the flexibility of designing his automation system precisely to his requirement.

Access via the Ethernet for example, is absolutely essential for many applications, for efficient communication between the PLCs within the system on the one hand, and for data exchange with primary level control systems via communication standards such as OPC on the other.

The multi-function display MFD4-5-XRC-30 HMI is a new module in our automation product range. The device from the easyHMI series offers a full graphic 5.7 inch TFT display with 32.000 colours, resistive-touch technology as well as a host of communication features on board. Based on the integrated PLC functionality it is possible to use the MFD4 both as a HMI and as a HMI control. It provides the ideal platform for control and visualisation for small to medium sized automation applications. The engineering philosophy using just a single software package has been strictly adhered to and continued with the MFD4 HMI. Both the visualisation and the control use the easySoft CoDeSys.

easySoft-CoDeSys is a programming system, based on CoDeSys 3S for industrial plc compliant with the international Standard IEC 61131-3. Fully developed technical features, easy handling and the widespread use of this software in the automation components of different manufacturers guarantee successful programming with this software.

SmartWire-Darwin is a communication system for industrial switchgear based on the concept of continued development in the control panel and in the peripherals: from control through to protection and switching, and extending to driving, operation and monitoring.


Ethernet on board

The 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface guarantees the perfect connection to IT communication. Whether for fast programming access, data exchange between the PLCs, web server or OPC server.

Integrated CANopen interface
The CANopen field bus system is designed for fast and efficient communication. The integrated CANopen interface enables the PLC CPU to communicate with a wide range of devices, such as remote I/O, drives or visualization systems.

Communication modules
Profibus DP Master
Profibus DP Slave
Suconet K Master
Suconet K Slave
Modbus Master/Slave
Transparent serial communication