Billing Software

Affordable billing system

  Our billing system is design to accumulate energy usage in  a energy metering network. Kwh readings is read from the energy meters via MODBUS, BACnet or Ethernet to a Windows PC application. The software calculate the recorded energy into a monthly usage. Energy usage is logged every half hour and accumulated over a monthly period. Bills are automatically generated at the end of each month at midnight and are make available to a local network folder for easy access.

Bills generated by the system is ready to be printed for distribution. All bills are compatible with MYOB finance software. The system is installed centrally and is connected onto the local LAN in the building from where the bills can be accessed from any terminal and be printed to any local or network office printer.

Each tenant usage is logged separately into a database, every half hour for every day of the month to manage usage efficiently. A copy of this database is saved and backed-up before the bills are generated each month - making it an ideal solution for utility bills

The system comes complete with a state of the art load shedding control system that completes the load management requirement for any installation. ReadMore>>