Flow Metering System


The FMS (Flexible Metering System) is a data acquisition computer, fitted on the side of the truck and is designed to legally measure the amount of product being collected. The unit samples the product being picked up and print a barcode sticker to be fitted to the sample vial. The metering system monitors the quantity, flow and temperature of milk that is picked up on each farm and sends pickup information from the truck via email, SMS, FTP, HTTPs and a printed docket. The system is fitted with a GPS to identify the pickup sites automatically. The system comes with a 12“ inch touch screen that allows the driver to interface with the metering system. Big buttons make it easy to navigate around the screens.

The metering system alarms the driver when a CIP (clean in process) needs to be performed on the tanks with a big red visable display message.

With legal and maximum load limits set in the metering system, the pump is controlled not to overfill the tanks.The sampler pumps are controlled by the flow to fill the sampler vials over the pre set pickup volume. 

The FMS metering system is equiped with a GPRS modem that allows for the auto emailing and SMS messaging.

An onboard printer prints a full docket after each farm pickup with the milk temperature, quintity picked and laboratory results.