High Speed Packing Robots

ACSE Limited has been certified as a registered system integrator for OMRON robots.

We offer a wide range of OMRON - Adept high speed packing robots for end of line solutions.

The OMRON Quattro s650H and 650HS robot is the industry’s fastest packing robots. The Adept Quattro features a long vertical stroke and high level of performance across its extensive work envelope. It is the only robot of its kind to features an embedded amplifier and ultra-compact control panel, the Adept Quattro differentiates itself from similar robots with its combination of high productivity and cost savings. The Adept Quattro reduces production cycle time and improves footprint efficiency.

The OMRON Hornet 565 is a parallel robot for high speed picking and packing applications. Adept’s powerful controls are fully embedded into the base of the robot, saving valuable floor space and reducing installation costs and complexity. (No extra panels with bulky controllers) The Hornet 565 features a hygienic design that minimizes contamination risks, including a standard IP65 rating and corrosion resistant materials for easy wash down. The OMRON Hornet 565 is part of ACSE high speed packing robots solution. All our robots include integrated high-speed conveyor tracking, powerful vision guidance, and easy-to-use application software created specifically for the packing industry.

All our robots can be guided by a handheld pendant. The T20 Pendant provides a user interface and teaches move positions. The T20 Pendant was designed for right-handed and left-handed use. All gripping and holding positions enable comfortable and fatigue-free operation.

Our OMRON-Adept high speed packing robots can interface seamlessly into Wonderware InTouch SCADA software.
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Our Robots:

  • can be integrated into existing equipment
  • uses the latest servo technology
  • accurate at high speed
  • has a small footprint
  • can work 24/7
  • We are local

Our Products

RFID Systems
RFID Systems

ACSE mobile RFiD Readers and table top RFiD reader - writers can quickly be integrated into your current business software without significant capital expenditure or time.

Flow Metering System
Flow Metering System

The FMS (Flexible Metering System) is a data acquisition computer, fitted on the side of the truck and is designed to legally measure the amount of product being collected.

Energy Reporting System
Energy Reporting System

Identifies high power usage eras immediately. Auto email report options makes reports available straight into your inbox

Billing Software
Billing Software

Our Billing Software is design to accumulate energy usage in a energy metering network. The software calculate the recorded energy usage into monthly bills.